Welcome to livesim2!

Running at https://livesim2.dashif.org

livesim2 is a simulator for MPEG-DASH live streaming developed by DASH-IF. It uses VoD assets and converts them to wall-clock synchronized "live" streams, by rewriting timestamps, segment numbers, and segment URLs.

The live stream URLs start with /livesim2/. After that comes an big optional set of parameters, followed by the asset name, and finally the MPD. The available parameters are listed on the Wiki parameters page. The easiest way to configure the URLs to with such parameters is the URL generator page.

Useful local URLs

The following URLs should work at https://livesim2.dashif.org. Some of them provides streaming URLs or even URLs that start a DASH player with the corresponding asset URL. Others provide information about the server.

Further information

For more information about the project, see

Version: v0.8.0, date: 2023-09-22